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Shenzhen Leo Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Leo Company) is a global supplier of high-tech data management central solutions. The Company has abundant experience in network integrated cabling projects and product supply capacity. As the General Manager of the Company, Coco is responsible for leading the strategic direction of business development of the Company, committed to providing better services for customers and creating higher performance for the Company. 

Coco joined in Leo Company after she graduated from Shenzhen University in 2013. With a double bachelor's degree in Business Administration and English, she has excellent leadership, organizational and synthesis coordination capacities, moreover, she has stronger prospective consciousness and innovative thinking. Over the past 7 years, from a novice learning the approaches of foreign trade industry, she has rapidly grown into a high-end elite proficient in the foreign trade field with specialized knowledge of network integrated cabling and mastering team management skills and extensive sales resources. In addition to outstanding personal sales performance, the team she leads also has brilliant achievements in the industry. By virtue of her deep understanding and macroscopic vision of foreign trade, and senior operational experience in market development, operation and management, she researches and determines the operation thoughts and development concept of the Company, which vigorously promotes the foreign sales of network integrated cabling, optical fiber, cabinet and other products of Leo Company to acquire outstanding achievements. During her 7 years’ work in foreign trade, Coco has been shuttling between the Middle East and European and American area for a long term. She performs the international trade rules according to international conventions, concludes the transaction for each order smoothly, and her customers and friends are worldwide. She has also been invited to Lahore in Pakistan, and received by the mayor. Through her efforts, Leo Company enjoys an excellent reputation in the network cabling industry in Pakistan, and the customers of the Company spread over more than 70% of cities in Pakistan.

“Not reveling in the success after struggling, but focusing more on the struggling after success.”

 – Coco Wong


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