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Bow-type Drop Cable

Bow-type drop cable is a type of fiber optic cable that is specifically designed for use in last-mile connectivity applications. It is typically used to connect individual homes or businesses to a larger fiber optic network.

The "bow-type" design refers to the shape of the cable, which is flat and ribbon-like, rather than round like traditional fiber optic cables. This design allows for easier installation and handling, as well as improved durability and resistance to bending and kinking.

Bow-type drop cables usually consist of a single fiber surrounded by a protective coating, with strength members added for additional support. They are typically installed by being attached to a building's exterior and run into the interior through a small hole or conduit.

Bow-type drop cables offer several advantages over other types of fiber optic cables. Because of their flat design, they can be easily hidden along the side of a building or run along the ground without disrupting landscaping. Additionally, they are less prone to damage caused by vandalism or accidental cutting, and they are less expensive than traditional round cables.

Overall, bow-type drop cables are an effective solution for providing high-speed fiber optic connectivity to individual homes or businesses, allowing for faster and more reliable communication and data transfer.


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