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LEO Network started its business over 20 years ago, understanding that no two data center build-outs and two wiring scheme are the same. To best serve unique data center and wiring needs, LEO Network manufactures custom and catalog data center products, including aisle containment systems, server racks and cabinets, modular systems/structures and Cat.5e to Cat.8 network products and high-density fiber products.

Our team works to alleviate common IT infrastructure challenges around: Custom data center infrastructure, single column modular data center, dual column modular data center, integrated wiring and optical fiber wiring . Are you ready to act together?

Custom Data Center Solutions

Modular data centers cost 20-30% less to build than a standard data center, when considering that modular solutions do not need to be oversized in anticipation of future growth and that the site can be configured to enable adding future modules as the business requires.

Key Features

Flexible Expansion

Modular design, capacity expansion on demand, rapid deployment, flexible configuration, high space utilization.

Energy Efficient

Effectively solve local hot issues in data centers, precise cooling, reduce energy consumption, and reduce PUE and operating costs.

Quick Service

Efficient delivery, product service in one step, one-stop service, ingenious quality, worry-free after-sales.

Product Name

Product Name

Product Name

Product Name

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