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With the development of computer and network technology, network cabinet is becoming an important part of it. The IT facilities such as servers and network communication equipment in the data center are developing in the direction of miniaturization, networking and racking. The network cabinet is gradually becoming one of the protagonists in this change.

Here we mainly talk about the wall-mounted network cabinets according to their functions.

Leo as a professional manufacturer and supplier of wall-mounted network server cabinets and accessories, offers a wide range of accessories for wall-mounted network server cabinets. We have professional R&D team, advanced production equipment, strict quality control system, convenient customer management system and perfect after-sales service system.

Advantages of Wall Mounted Network Cabinets

  • Save valuable floor space 

  • Affordably protects network equipment from dust, tampering, and other hazards 

  • The wall mounted network cabinet features excellent cable management, is easily accessible from the rear, and features a fully adjustable mounting rail system for a wide variety of applications.

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