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Faceplate And Mount Boxes

A faceplate, also known as a wall plate, is a flat piece of material used to cover an electrical outlet or switch. It is typically made of plastic or metal and can be purchased in various sizes and colors to match the décor of the room. Faceplates are important because they provide a finished look to any wiring project and help protect the wiring from damage.

Mount boxes, on the other hand, are used to secure faceplates to the wall. They are typically made of plastic or metal and come in different sizes and configurations to accommodate different types of faceplates. Mount boxes can be single-gang or multi-gang and may have knockouts for cable entry.

Together, faceplates and mount boxes provide a secure and aesthetically pleasing solution for wiring projects, whether for residential or commercial applications. They are typically used for electrical outlets, switches, data jacks, and other low voltage applications.


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