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Here are some network tools that are commonly used for copper cable systems:

Cable tester: A device that checks the connectivity and performance of copper cables by sending signals through them.

Cable certifier: A more advanced cable tester that can verify that a cable meets specific performance criteria, such as those specified in TIA or ISO standards.

TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer): A tool that uses electromagnetic pulses to locate faults in copper cables, including breaks, shorts, and other types of damage.

Cable scanner: A device that scans a copper cable and identifies its length, signal strength, and any issues or faults.

Tone generator/probe: A pair of devices that work together to identify and locate specific copper cables within a bundle or network.

Punch down tool: A tool used to insert or "punch down" copper wires into connectors or patch panels.

Crimper: A tool used to attach connectors, such as RJ45 plugs, onto the end of copper cables.

Wire stripper: A tool used to remove insulation from the end of copper cables before attaching connectors.

These tools are essential for installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting copper cable systems, whether in a residential or commercial setting.


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