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Patch cable features 24AWG unshielded twisted pair stranded copper cable with a high performance modular plug at each end. Snagless design protects the locking clips on the RJ45 connectors from being damaged or snapped off during installation.
It exceeds the performance of the Cat6 Ethernet network cable standard and offers the cost-effective solution for indoor Gigabit Ethernet data center applications, supporting up to 1000Mbps and 550MHz within 100 meters of cable.


1.550MHz Stable Transmission

This cable speeds up to 550MHz and supports 1000-T Ethernet, which allows for more reliable data transmission.

2.Triple Protection of Patch Cables

RJ45 modular plug, PVC Jacket and strain relief boot to increase the service life of the cable.

3.Spine-Leaf Architecture Achieve Larger Network Scale

Prevent network bottlenecks, reduce network latency, and expanding bandwidth and scalability for future network expansion.

4.Widely Used in Equipment with RJ45 Ports

This cable is suitable for all devices with RJ45 jacks, such as PCs, servers, printers, routers, switches, media players, NAS, VoIP phones, PoE devices, and more.

5.Copper Cabling Solutions for Data Center

Provide cost-effective copper cable solutions for major corporations, medium-sized and small enterprises data centers.


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