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Choosing The Right Network Cabinet For Your Equipment

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Also known as a network rack, it is commonly mistaken for a server cabinet, a network cabinet is very different from a server cabinet. Network cabinets are a type of housing for equipment such as network routers, modems, access points switches, panels(patch panels) and a host of other accessories that might be used for networking.


A notable difference between the two is the depth in size. this can easily help you distinguish a network cabinet from a server cabinet. A network cabinet is somewhat shallower than the latter, with as much difference as a 31-inch difference in the depth dimension.

 network cabinets

Heat generation, type of enclosure: such as glass or plastic are also distinctive features to differentiate both, to see more about the differences of both, click on our news, to read an article on that topic.


Now that you know the difference and what a network cabinet is, it takes us to the question being asked; how do I choose the right network cabinet for me?

With a wide number of network racks in the market of today, knowing the one to get to suit your need becomes very important.


Each with its different designs and sizes, one must pick the one that meets the specific requirements of what it is intended to do.


Always bear in mind that the network cabinet you will pick will depend on your requirement. Here's what to look out for


The weight and dimension of the equipment to be housed

This should be the first thing to look out for when purchasing a rack., as you do not want to get a rack smaller than the equipment to be housed. The weight of your equipment also matter. Heavy weighing equipment is better suited for cabinets designed to be placed on the floor while smaller ones are best suited for wall racks. All the above mentioned should be properly noted before going ahead to make a purchase.



Network cabinet height is calculated in what is known as units with 1U=4.45cm. The general rule of thumb is that number of the device that you need to house in the network cabinet is directly proportional to the area of the network cabinet.

Simply put, “the area of the network rack will depend on what devices you need to put and how much is in that network cabinet”


Size and space

Purchasing a network rack with sufficient space for your equipment is very important, it is also advisable to go for something with more space than the current equipment to be housed is important. This is to make future plans for any further expansion or increase in the number of equipment to be housed. So take note of size features such as the depth and width before purchasing your network cabinet. The load rating is also to be taken into consideration.


Cooling system

Keeping cool is no joke when dealing with housed equipment. Aeration is important to avoid overheating of equipment and the temperature requirement of your equipment will determine the type of rack to purchase. For equipment that requires a lot of aeration, floor standing racks are the best bet.


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A network cabinet is not only an efficient tool for organizing your equipment, it also makes sure that your equipment is properly stored. Are you in need of a network rack to suit your equipment needs click here, to make your order

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