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How To Check Lan Cable Without Tester

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A LAN cable is an essential component that connects a device to the internet or network. Often, when we need to check the LAN cable's functionality, we use cable testers that scan the cable to ensure everything is in order. However, not everyone has access to cable testers, and in such cases, a simple solution is to conduct a manual check. In this article, we will outline a few ways to manually check the functionality of a LAN cable without a tester.

Method 1: Visually Inspect the Cable

The first thing to do is to inspect the cable visually. Check if the cable has any obvious damage such as breaks, cuts or frays. Ensure that both ends of the cable are connected correctly and firmly. Also, check the RJ45 connector's pins to ensure they are not bent or damaged.

Method 2: Link LEDs

Most network devices have LED indicators that show the LAN connection status. Typically, when a device is connected to a network, the LED lights up. To check if the cable is functional, connect the device on both ends (i.e., the sending and receiving ends), and look for the LED indicators. If the LEDs light up at both ends, it means that the cable is functional.

Method 3: Ping Test

The Ping Test is an effective way to check the functionality of a LAN cable. The Ping Test sends a message to a network device to check the connectivity, response time, and data transferability. To conduct a Ping Test, follow these steps:

Step 1: Connect a device on both ends of the cable.

Step 2: Open the command prompt on the device.

Step 3: Type \"ping IP address\" (replace IP address with the device's IP address on the other end of the cable).

Step 4: Press enter and wait for the Ping test results.

If the Ping Test shows no packet loss and low response time, it means that the cable is functional.

Final Words

In conclusion, manually checking a LAN cable's functionality is possible even without a tester. Visual inspection, Link LEDs, and Ping Tests are simple yet effective ways to determine the cable's functionality. While cable testers are the most accurate way to test a cable, it's always good to know how to manually check the cable for times when cable testers are not available.

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