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How To Choose A Server Cabinet Correctly?

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The server cabinet is an indispensable part of the data center, which is of great significance to the dustproof, heat dissipation, cable laying and management of the equipment, and the compatibility of the rack equipment. Therefore, the correct selection and purchase of the server cabinet is particularly important.


1. Choose a deeper cabinet, leave 20% of the height of the cabinet, and less than 30% of the space for equipment expansion.

Choose a deeper cabinet based on your computing cabinet space (measured in "U or 1.75") and the size of the room. Install two sets of equipment face to face, allowing you to install more equipment. The above method fits two rows of equipment into the cabinet, one row It can be loaded and unloaded from the front door of the cabinet, and the other row can be loaded and unloaded from the rear door. Note: The cabinet should be in an adjustable position, and the height of the cabinet should be 20% less than the expansion space of the system. The extra space not only improves the ventilation of the equipment, but also avoids the later stage of the equipment Risk of buildout. Equipment with bays does not need to consider width as it is designed for the width of the cabinet, but for servers and other peripherals that cannot be rack mounted, width cannot be ignored.


2. Choose an enclosure that has a load capacity of approximately 1500 lbs and is compatible with all servers

Since the overall weight of the equipment tends to be heavy, choose a cabinet that can hold around 1,500 pounds, that is, choose a solid cabinet that is well-structured for stress. Inside the cabinet, the weight of the equipment determines the choice of sliding frame, whether to choose the size or weight. At the same time, it also affects the selection of other accessories.

Also, choose an enclosure that is 100% compatible with all servers and meets or exceeds all OEMs' Class 3 bay specifications. If you want to mount a tower or table top, you will need a sliding frame and mounting accessories.


3. Choose cabinets with enough retaining rings

Since the unit includes network cables, telecom cables, and power cables, it is necessary to purchase hook-and-loop straps or toothed straps to methodically secure the cables to the cabinet. It would be nice if the cabinet had a cable management module that would allow cables to be fastened directly to vertical equipment rails. In either case, the upper and side walls of the cabinet should have adequate retaining rings (to protect the cables), and the bottom of the cabinet can also be lifted to allow access to the wires below.

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4. Choose a cabinet with a good temperature control system

There is a good temperature control system in the cabinet, which can avoid overheating or cooling of the products in the cabinet and ensure the efficient operation of the equipment. The cabinet can choose the full ventilation series, can be equipped with fans (fan life guarantee), can install independent air conditioning system in hot environment, can install independent heating and insulation system in severe cold environment.

5. Cabinets that are now highly noise-immune

A fully functional cabinet should have a variety of door lock functions such as dustproof, waterproof, and electronic shielding, and have high anti-interference performance; at the same time, it should provide appropriate accessories and installation accessories support to make wiring more convenient, easy to manage, time-saving.


6. Other factors

There are many factors in the selection of cabinets, such as material, style, structure, function, power distribution system, cable layout, manufacturer's after-sales service, etc. Therefore, when choosing cabinets, you should consider many aspects and choose the best solution.


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