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How To Differentiate A Network Server Cabinet From A Server Rack Cabinet

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Most often than not, it is very difficult to differentiate between a network server cabinet from a server rack cabinet. This happens, especially when you plan to install a new network server equipment in the office or home.

One important factor that makes them difficult to differentiate is that both network equipment looks the same in size, like 42U but still have their unique differences.For this reason, it is most expedient to ensure that you source for a network server cabinet from a reliable and renowned manufacturer. With this, you will be sure that you are investing in the best product that will stand the test of time.

The main purpose of this article is to show the difference that exist between network server cabinet compared to server rack cabinet for better distinction.With this, the article is also aimed at helping you in choosing a good and suitable network server cabinet.


The major work of a network server cabinet

A network cabinet simply known as a rack is used for storing routers, network accessories, patch panels and different types of network equipment. Although most cannot differentiate network cabinet from server cabinet but there are differences. For example, a network cabinet is always more shallow than a server rack cabinet. A network cabinet comes less than thirty-one inches deep making it far shallower than a server rack. Also, it often if not most times, comes with a tough plastic or glass front door with no perforated enclosure. Most network equipment stored in a network server do not induce heat as much those stored in a server rack.

A Server Rack Cabinet

A server rack cabinet like a 42U server cabinet for instance is built generally to be about nineteen inches wide enterprise level. Server racks is available in different sizes, depth and height for compatibility in standard IT equipment.However, most times, they are about twenty-four inches wide and thirty-six inches deep, although some companies make then to suit their customers needs.   

The server rack cabinet is used mostly to install or anchor servers, UPS ES, monitors and various similar network paraphernalia. A server cabinet is most times perforated in the front and back door for the purpose of ventilation, as to maintain a suitable and safe environment for the equipment inside.This is important and very crucial for the safe keeping of the heat inducing equipment.

Network server cabinet and server rack cabinet differences

From the information above, fundamental ideas about their differences can be gotten. So, to give a fully understandable idea, this article will contrast and pinpoint their major differences in summary.



As mentioned earlier, server rack cabinet is ventilated, the amount of airflow is the second major difference between a network server cabinet and a server rack cabinet. Most equipment stored in the server rack cabinet are heat inducing equipment. For example, servers produce a good deal of heat and requires ventilation.

For the purpose of safekeeping the server and other heat inducing equipment, the server rack cabinet is ventilated by perforated materials. Equipment stored on network server cabinet do not usually induce heat or as much heat as that of a server rack cabinet which in turn does not require perforated enclosure but are made with glass or tough plastic front door.



One of the major contrast between the network server and the server rack cabinet is the depth or deepness.

The network cabinet is usually shallower than server rack since it is used to store routers, patch panels, and other various network paraphernalia which are shorter in depth.

The server rack cabinet on the other hand is used to store network equipment that are longer like monitor, UPS ES which requires more depth. The depth of the hardware decides what cabinet to use so it is important to know the sort of equipment you want to store and the right storage system.

This will help in deciding if what you need is a server rack cabinets or network server cabinets.

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