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How To Do Megger Test On Cables Pdf

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The megger test is a type of test that is used to assess the insulation resistance of cables. It is also a way to assess the efficiency of the insulation system that has been installed in the cables. Megger tests are used in a variety of industries such as mining, construction, and electrical energy transmission. If you want to conduct a megger test on cables, you should follow the steps outlined in this article.


The first step in performing a megger test on cables is to prepare the equipment. You will need a megger tester, also known as an insulation tester. The tester measures the level of insulation resistance in the cable. You will also need an ohmmeter to measure resistance in case the megger tester gives inconsistent or confusing readings. A clamp meter is also useful to determine the current that is flowing in the cable.


Before you conduct a megger test, it is important to ensure that you observe all safety precautions. Turn off the voltage to the cable to be tested and then remove the cable from any power source. Then make sure the area around the cable is safe. Wear proper safety gear such as insulated gloves, eye protection, and a hard hat. Ensure that all equipment is properly grounded.

Conducting the Test

1. Connect the megger tester and ohmmeter to the cable. You should connect the tester to the cable at the location where you want to measure its resistance. Attach the clamps to the ends of the cable and switch the megger on.

2. Record the resistance level of the cable. The megger tester will give you the insulation resistance reading. Take the readings at intervals of approximately one minute. If the readings are consistent over several minutes, then the insulation is stable.

3. Repeat the process on other cables, if necessary.

4. Interpret the results. If the megger test reading is high, then the insulation system of the cable is effective, and you can expect a long service life from the cable. If the reading is low, then the insulation may be damaged, and you could be at risk of an electrical fault or short circuit. In this case, the cable may need to be repaired or replaced.


The megger test is an important diagnostic tool for electrical cables. It provides a reliable way to determine the insulation resistance of cables and assess the quality of the insulation system. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can conduct an effective and safe megger test on your cables to ensure their proper operation and safety.

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