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How To Punch Down A Cat6 Keystone Jack

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When it comes to networking, one of the most important elements is the keystone jack. A keystone jack is a modular component that helps connect different wires to a wall outlet for networking purposes. Among the different types of keystone jacks available in the market, the CAT6 keystone jack is one of the most widely used types. So, if you are looking to install a CAT6 keystone jack, here’s a guide on how to punch it down.

1. First, mark the cable

To begin with, you need to mark the cable that you want to use for punching down the keystone jack. For this, simply measure the required length of the cable and mark it with a marker or a piece of tape. You will then need to cut the marked length using a cable cutter.

2. Strip the cable

After marking and cutting the cable to the required length, you will need to strip its outermost layer. For this, use a sharp stripping tool, which can effortlessly cut through the outer layer without damaging the wires inside.

3. Sort the wires

Once stripped, you will see eight smaller colored wires inside the cable, which need to be sorted into the correct order to punch them down. From left to right, the color sequence of the wires should be:

- White/Orange

- Orange

- White/Green

- Blue

- White/Blue

- Green

- White/Brown

- Brown

4. Trim the wires

After sorting the wires, you will need to trim them to the appropriate length. For this, use a wire cutter or a pair of scissors, and ensure that the wires are cut cleanly and not damaged or frayed.

5. Insert the wires into the keystone jack

Now, insert the sorted and trimmed wires into the CAT6 keystone jack. Use a wire inserter tool to make this process simpler.

6. Punch down the wires

Lastly, use a punch-down tool to punch the wires down into the keystone jack. This will help create a secure and reliable connection between the wires and the jack.

In conclusion, punching down a CAT6 keystone jack isn’t a complicated process once you understand the steps involved. Remember to mark, cut, strip, sort, trim and insert the wires correctly. Through a secure connection, the CAT6 keystone jack allows high-speed communications between different devices and networks, which is why it is such an important component in networking infrastructure.

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