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How To Test Rj45 Cable With Tester

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Testing an RJ45 cable with a tester is a quick and efficient way to ensure the cable is connected properly and is capable of transmitting data. Here’s how you can test an RJ45 cable with a tester:

1. Assemble the tools: To test an RJ45 cable, you’ll need an RJ45 tester, which is typically a handheld tool with an input for the cable, and a display that indicates successful connections. You’ll also need a working RJ45 cable to compare results. Make sure that both the tester and the cable are in good working order.

2. Insert the cable: First, plug one end of the RJ45 cable into the tester, with the pins facing up and the locking clip facing down. Once the cable is securely inserted, the tester will light up.

3. Observe the results: The tester’s display will show whether the cable is connected properly or not. Most testers have different colored lights to indicate successful connections or errors. A successful test will show solid green lights, while a failed test will show flashing or red lights.

4. Check the connections: If the tester shows a failed connection, check the cable’s connections. Make sure each wire is properly pushed into the connector and that the connector is properly crimped. Also, check the order of the wires to ensure they’re in the correct sequence.

5. Retest the cable: After checking the connections, retest the cable to ensure that it’s working properly. A successful test will show solid green lights on the tester’s display.

6. Label and store the cable: Once the cable has been tested successfully, label it with identifying information such as the cable’s length, type, and location. Then store it in a safe and secure location.

Testing an RJ45 cable with a tester takes only a few moments, and it can help you avoid connection problems down the road. Remember to keep your cables organized and labeled properly to ensure that you can retrieve them when you need them.

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