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Key Things to Know About a Wall Mounted Cabinet

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A wall-mounted cabinet happens to be a good option for servers that require less computation and small space. Most of them allow vertical installation of equipment for easy flushing to the wall and a nice public appearance.

However, how reliable is the wall-mounted cabinet? Are there things that must be done to make the cabinet work optimally?

Well, we will look at the different things that can make this cabinet a fantastic option for your organization.

Where is the perfect place to mount a wall Cabinet?

The first thing to understand is that the width of wall mount racks is more than 16 inches. It requires at least two studs to support them. There should be the provision of standard cabinet space for the mounting of the cabinet.

Also, one can mount wall mounted cabinet on the drywall. However, you must be mindful of the weight and consider the type of fasteners you use. Ideally, you should mount the cabinet on studs.

What kind of fastener is suitable for Wall Mounted Cabinets?

There are different kinds of anchors that can support cabinets to fasten on the wall. Some wall cabinets come with wall mounting kits that make the installation easy. The anchors come with different designs and threads to lock tightly into the drywall and sturdy hold.

However, if your cabinet has no fasteners in it, choose fasteners that will support the load causing the cabinet to fall. Choose the anchors that have a rating that is equivalent to the load.

How do you Connect networking equipment?

Once you mount the cabinet vertically, it is easy to rest the chassis ear on the rails. The next thing is to install screws into it. You can screw the cabinet after mounting it on the wall. Thus, you don't need to disassemble it when replacing any equipment.

In general, wall mounts have rails with a square hole to affix the equipment. This simply means that you need cage nuts to make it compatible with the chassis ears. You install the cage nuts into the square holes before screwing them.

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What You Need for the Installation of wall mounted Cabinet

Before you start installing a wall-mounted cabinet, you need either L brackets or rails. The ears that are on the server chassis are not designed to support the load of the server when mounted. The function of the ears is for locking the server into its right position.

If your wall mount has only a front mounting rail, you need 2 post-server rails. The 2 post-server rails are meant to support the middle of the cabinet. While buying it, ensure to buy the right one.

If your mount has 4 mounting rails or posts, you need 4 post server rails to support it when mounting it. The kind of server this one support is the one with heavier equipment.

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