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Major Components Of A Cabinet System

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Whenever a well-organized compartment is required for the storage of a network components, the best and favourite storage platform is usually a network cabinet.

However, for a typical cabinet, there are also usually some peripheral components that comes together to form what can be referred to as a cabinet system.

So, in case you are considering to invest in this piece of handy office fixture, it is most expedient that you are fully informed of what makes up a cabinet system.

More so, besides just knowing what makes up a cabinet system, another important factor to consider is ensuring that you source for a cabinet system from a renowned manufacturer.

With this, you will be sure of investing in the right product that will give real value for your hard earned money.

Without much ado, let’s quickly walk you through basic components that makes up a cabinet system.


1. Cabinet doors

Among the various parts in a cabinet system is the doors. The reason for this is very obvious since the doors provides the much needed protection and coverage for all other components that are kept inside the cabinets.

Besides just providing physical protection to other components within a cabinet system, the doors also serves the function of protecting sensitive parts of  the entire network.

However, most cabinet system doors are usually made of glass materials so as to provide an easy view of what is going on within the cabinet.


2. Cabinet Drawer Glides

For most network cabinets that uses drawers for storing network cables, these drawers are usually held in place by strong and powerful glides.

Just as you would rightly guess, the drawer glides serves as the path for the drawer to come out and go into the network cabinet without hassles.

 cabinet system

3. Face Frame

This component of a cabinet system is most important in ensuring the stability of the entire cabinet. Besides just providing stability to the cabinet system, the face frame also serves the duty of providing protection to the cabinet, especially during Shipp.

With the face frame, it is easy to keep and maintain a typical network cabinet for a long time without wearing out so fast.


4. Cable management system

Due to the critical role a network cabinet system plays to the overall performance of the entire network system, it is therefore important to ensure that each part is kept in the best form.

Within a cabinet system, the cable management system ensures that there’s no tangling of cables. More so, the cable management system also ensures that similar cables are grouped and passed through the same route for the purpose of organization.


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