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Types of Network Cabinet Systems

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A frame structure known as a network cabinet or rack is made to house servers with rack-mountable equipment. In addition to other necessities, the cabinet or rack might store routers, switches, and audio or video equipment.

Network racks or cabinets are most frequently used in server rooms, audio installation centers, and video installation rooms, as well as data centers. Nonetheless, some cabinets or racks can be utilized in industries.

In this article, I will take you through some specific types of network cabinet systems and what to look for in making the right choice.

Types of the network cabinet system

Here are some types of network cabinet systems:

1. Rack mount enclosure network cabinet system

Network cabinets with removable front and rear doors are known as rackmount enclosure network cabinets. A rackmount enclosure network cabinet's side panels and mounting rails can both be removed and adjusted. When storing servers or using heavy equipment, a network cabinet of this sort is appropriate.

2. Open Frame network cabinet system

This sort of network rack cabinet has no doors or sides, in contrast to the other variants. In addition to having open frames, this style of rack cabinet has mounting rails.

So, it is appropriate for applications in which the racks do not have control over the airflow. Where physical security is present, this option is also suitable.

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3. Wall mount network cabinet system

This sort of network cabinet can be recognized by the fact that it is frequently mounted to a wall.

Due to its ability to fit in a spot where standard racks cannot, this feature aids in space conservation. Cabinet racks falling under this category might also be open or enclosed.

Basic things to look out for when choosing network cabinet systems

Before opting for any of the network cabinet systems, here are some basic things to look out for;

1. Access

Various pieces of equipment have various entry points. Your cabinet should therefore provide several access points for the various gadgets.

Make sure you are aware of the equipment you will need to store in your rank as well as how to use it before making a decision. You can only determine that you require a cabinet rank that can open on the side, back, or front by doing this.

2. Weight

If you need to move the cabinet or put it up, it shouldn't be so heavy that you can't lift it.

But it should be just the right amount of weight so that it can support all of your equipment without collapsing under its weight of it. Keep in mind that you can always ask for assistance when establishing it.

3. Dimensions

It is smart to choose a rack whose physical characteristics are appropriate for you. Take into account the room's square footage as well as the size of the equipment that will be housed inside the cabinet.

4. Available space

When setting it up or if you need to relocate it, the cabinet shouldn't be so heavy that you can't lift it.

It should, however, be the ideal weight to support all of your equipment without collapsing under its weight of it. Do not forget to seek assistance when establishing it.

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