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Various Configurations That Comes With Floor Standing Rack

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When setting up your home and thinking of the furniture to beautify your home and to keep the thing in other to free space one of such furniture is the rack where you can keep your valuables. You need to decide the type of rack you want and the type of size.  While doing this you should consider some essential configuration of each of the rack.


The floor-standing rack comes with different configurations and construction and not all have the same configuration. You need to look at the one with the configurations you need. In this article, we will look at the essential configuration as regards floor standing rack.


You need to purchase the right floor standing rack and buy from a reliable source to get the choice you desire.

Essential floor standing rack configuration

1. Side panels

The floor-standing rack can either have side panels or not. The panels called modular which are separated into two parts on both sides helps to easily service the rack enclosed space.


Also, the panels beside which has no vent help to increase its effectiveness. These panels will not allow hot air to circulate across the side of it and it maintains the front and the rear door airflow.

 floor standing rack

2. Roof

This rack enclosed end normally has a roof panel that can be removed and this contains many openings used for cable access. The roof being discussed can also have extra sockets used for outside cable managers this comprises cable troughs and cable ladders.


3. It has doors

The floor-standing rack has front doors and rear doors; these are made available to give airflow from the front to the rear door.


However, this rack can be constructed without doors. The rear doors are always separated to decrease the space needed to open the doors. And the front door can be separated too. The front door can also come with a Plexiglas window but this will decrease the amount of air in the cabinet.


4. Locks

The rack-enclosed space doors and the panels at the side have locked that are keyed with you can replace with your chosen lock. You need the panels at the side and the locking doors for security purposes like the credit card industry.


5. It has levelers and casters

Casters are the controlling wheels fixed to the down part of the rack.  Floor-standing rack closed space normally comes with a caster which helps you to move the cabinet within a short distance while they are installing it.


Also, once the rack is done and is well fixed, durable feet knew as levelers back the weight of the rack and material instead of the casters. This also assists you to level and adjust the rack on rough surfaces.

 floor standing rack

Most importantly, the floor-standing rack can also be constructed with a stronger and larger caster which accommodates more weight and offers huge movement.


Are you in need of a durable rack of good quality?

When you are furnishing your house, office and it comes to the stage of racks, choosing the right rack will be the best choice you can make. Don’t just go for anyone. Look at the configurations and options some offers which will be an added advantage.


A floor-standing rack gives you the best choice you can think of and it is available 24/7. Kindly contact us to purchase your floor-standing rock from a reliable and experienced manufacturer and you are assured of good security. 

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