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Ways To Prevent Electric Shock In A Network Cabinet

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The Electrical Safety Foundation International estimates that over 30,000 non-critical accidental shocks occur annually.

In a network cabinet, averting electrical shocks is comparatively simple and also possible when you are aware of certain things to expect and elude.

Having rudimentary experience and knowledge coupled with necessary safety skills might come in handy when preventing possible electric shocks in a network cabinet.

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At times the carelessness of an operator and lack of proper maintenance of the network cabinet causes electrical shocks to happen which can be injurious or sometimes fatal.

Here are some precautions to follow in preventing such an unwanted occurrence from happening.   


· Preventing Water Damage

Endeavor to always keep and use the network cabinet from water, as water is a poor conductor of electricity.

If by chance water spills on the network cabinet, quickly turn off the power source of the circuit and wipe thoroughly.

Subsequently, let it dry and be free from moisture and consult a reputable electrician about the functionality of the network cabinet.

Always store and use the network cabinet in a dry place where rain, water hoses, and other forms of moisture would not have contact with the product.


· Avoid Overloading The Outlet

Plugging numerous appliances and running from similar power outlets or strips in the network cabinet causes tripped breakers.

In addition, outlet overloading causes overheating and short circuiting.

Therefore extension cords should be used cautiously and ensure the reduction of their use whenever work is to be done.

Installing another power outlet is also generally preferred to the use of extension cords.


· Fixing Outlet Plug Covers

In guaranteeing electrical safety in network cabinets, it is paramount to fix outlet plug covers.

Newly fashioned GFCI outlets have a built in characteristic that protects plugs outlets from being damaged when not in use.

The outlets can only be opened whenever a plug is placed into all the openings simultaneously.

 This feature will help to prevent any electrical dangers whenever a nonprofessional tampers with the outlets.

  network cabinet

· Replacing Dented Fixtures

In a network cabinet, any frayed wire that sparks or give out shocks is harmful and must be repaired or replaced.

Although, outlets and switches gradually wear down due to continuous use. It is important to replace them periodically for steady electrical connections.

The cover plate averts any possible damage to the wirings and electrical connections.

Quick replacements are also imperative whenever a switch cover or outlet is damaged.


· Always Shut Breakers During Remodeling

Whenever an electric renovation, transformation, is to be done on a network cabinet which entails boring or drilling into walls or parchments, ensure all sources of electric power are turned off.

Not following this safety precaution may cause serious injury to oneself or others, as circuits not turned off might send electricity via the wires in the walls.

Never presume another operator has put off the power sources. Verify yourself   for safety reasons.  


· Safety Of Extension Power Cord

 Ensuring extension cords do not bring faltering dangers when in use cannot be over emphasized.

 In a network cabinet, extension cords are very likely to get into twists and jumbled knots. Therefore store them carefully in a place where it won’t be interfered with.

 Using cord organizers can make this relatively simple.


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