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What Are The Basic Characteristics Of A Rack Server?

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The rack server that we often say in our life is actually just a type of server in essence. Usually, we divide servers into rack servers, tower servers and blade servers, but in our daily use, rack servers are the most widely used.

What are the basic characteristics of a rack server?

Rack-mounted servers are the type of servers with a standard width of 19 inches for the dense deployment requirements of enterprises. Placing servers on racks not only facilitates routine maintenance and management, but also may avoid unexpected failures.

What are the main characteristics of rack servers?

In design

Rack servers generally adopt an industrial standardized server production mode, and the appearance of the equipment has a unified standard. In addition, the appearance of the rack server is designed and manufactured according to the size and model of the cabinet, generally including 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U and other standards. Typically, companies choose rack-mounted servers that fit the 19-inch industry-standard mechanical dimensions.

rack server

Save space

In general, 1U rack-mounted servers save the most space, but have poor performance and scalability, and are suitable for some relatively fixed service areas. Products above 4U have high performance and good scalability, generally support more than 4 high-performance processors and a large number of standard heat release components and are easy to manage.

Unified management

The uniform production and appearance standards of rack servers make them more like IT equipment (switches, routers, etc.). It can be placed on the rack for unified management. Therefore, on the one hand, a rack-mounted server can take up minimal space, and on the other hand, it is easy to connect and manage with other network equipment.


These are the basic features of rack servers and some of their own advantages. If you want to know more about rack servers, please feel free to contact us.

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