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What Are Wall Mount Racks?

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Wall mount racks are a must-have option for those who have a tight or small space to work with.  They are great for certain equipment such as consoles (either video or audio) especially in places with limited spacing.


Fast making wave in the IT industry due to the ability of the wall mount rack to save ground space and create a clutter-free space especially in small offices


You should note that there are certain things you should look out for when choosing a wall mount rack.


Tips for choosing a wall mount rack

● Weight of equipment

Every rack has its carrying capacity as there is no one weight fits all when it comes to wall mount racks.  Be sure to not exceed the weight limit of the rack. This can be done by ensuring that the carrying capacity of the rack is higher than the weight of the equipment to be mounted on it.

 wall mount rack

● Use the proper studs

A well-attached mount is less likely to have any issues carrying the mounted equipment long as tip no 1 being carried out. Ensure that the rack is being supported properly with studs that match the weight of the rack and its equipment.


● Height of rack

This might seem a little difficult at first but the trick is this, sum up the height of your equipment. This is very important and you should always remember to leave height spacing for future growth.


● Depth of rack

This is also quite simple, measure the space of the equipment to be housed and add an extra 3 inches spacing for cabling.


● Note for special features

There are plenty of options when it comes to the variety of wall mount racks. There are a variety of features to take note of such as some having perforated metal doors, lockable front doors for security purposes, swingable hinged wall brackets for ease of cabling and access to equipment and there is also the heavy-duty rolling casters.

So based on what your needs are what to consider when checking out the features of the rack.


Advantages of wall mount racks

The advantages can not be overemphasized especially for those who have limited spacing either at home or at the workplace.

1. They are what you need for housing and securing your equipment in a small space. Due to the various features that they come with, the hinged wall-bracket lock can be used to secure and protect your equipment.

2. They are economical as they help you organize your space without having to spend so much.

3. They make for easy access and helps to reduce clutter.

4. Some racks come with certain hinges which allows for them to swing from side to side when needed. This feature allows for easy access and ease of cabling.

 wall mount rack

Wall racks are not only space savers but are also cost savers. The best place to mount a rack is preferably on a wall or any flat surface. It is also advisable that you have them mounted on studs by a professional.


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