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What Is The Difference Between A Network Cabinet And A Server Cabinet?

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There are many types of cabinets, including network cabinets, server cabinets, outdoor cabinets, power chassis cabinets and various non-standard cabinets. These cabinets have different functions. Different cabinets are suitable for different work scenarios. However, many people are not clear about the difference between a network cabinet and a server. This situation can easily cause users to encounter difficulties when choosing a network cabinet, and even ultimately choose an inappropriate cabinet, which brings huge troubles to the actual use of the user.


Network cabinet

The network cabinet includes the server cabinet. The network cabinet does not refer to a specific cabinet, but a generic name. According to the current types, network cabinets include server cabinets, wall-mounted cabinets, network cabinets, standard cabinets, and intelligent protection outdoor cabinets. The capacity value is between 2U and 42U. The network cabinet is mainly used for wiring engineering, mainly storing routers, switches, patch panels and other network equipment and accessories. Generally, the depth of the network cabinet is less than or equal to 800 mm, and the depth of the server cabinet is greater than or equal to 800 mm. The network cabinet should be easy to produce, assemble, debug, pack and transport.


Server cabinet

A server cabinet is a type of network cabinet, which is mainly used to combine installation panels, plug-ins, plug-ins, electronic components, equipment, and mechanical parts into an overall installation box. The server cabinet is composed of a frame and a cover (door). The cover (door) is usually a rectangular parallelepiped and placed on the ground. It provides a suitable environment and safety protection for the normal operation of electronic equipment, and is the first-level component second only to the system level. A cabinet without a closed structure is called a rack. The server cabinet has good technical performance. The structure of the cabinet should have good rigidity and strength, as well as good electromagnetic isolation, grounding, sound insulation, ventilation and heat dissipation. In addition, the server cabinet should have anti-vibration, anti-shock, anti-corrosion, dust-proof, waterproof, and anti-radiation properties. These performances ensure the stable operation of the server cabinet to the greatest extent, and avoid the problem that the server cabinet is affected by external influences and causes its own operation failure.

 network cabinet

Although the network cabinets and server cabinets are rectangular boxes in appearance, and even have very similar parts in some functions, in the actual use process, their main functions are very different. If you don’t understand it, Blindly buying network cabinets may cause confusion about the cabinet type. Once the cabinet type is selected incorrectly, it will directly lead to incompatibility between the cabinet and the hardware equipment. Therefore, you must explain your specific needs with the manufacturer before buying. Customize the cabinet that best meets the needs.


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