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Product Description

Product information:

Model No.




45L  rail

(280L rail)  for 450 MW/MZH/MP wall mounted cabinet

980113006MZH 60L rail

(325L rail) for 600 depth MZH wall mounted cabinet

980113007MW 60 L rail(425L rail) for 600 depth MW/MP wall mounted cabinet
98011300860L rail

60L rail for 600 depth cabinet 

98011300980L rail60L rail for 800 depth cabinet 
98011301090L rail60L rail for 900 depth cabinet 
98011301196L rail96 L rail  for 960 /1000 depth cabinet
980113012110L rail60L rail for 1100 depth cabinet 
980113013120L rail60L rail for 1200 depth cabinet 
Remark: When=0, denotes Gray(RAL7035), When=1,denotes Black(RAL9004SN)


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