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MW/MP Wall-mounted cabinets MW/MP Wall-mounted cabinets

♦ IEC60297-2
♦ DIN41494:PART1
♦ DIN41494:PART7

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Product Description

♦ Removable side panels,easy to install maintain

♦ Adjustable depth of installation

♦ Optional Metal cable management

♦ Comply with UL ROHS certifications

Details of MW/MP Wall-mounted Cabinets Products

MaterialsSPCC cold rolled steel
StructureWelded frame
Thickness(mm)Mounting profile 2.0,others 1.2
Static loading capacity70 KG
Surface finishDegreasing Silanization Electrostatic spray
LockSmall round lock

Product Specification of MW/MP Wall-mounted Cabinets

Model No.Description
MW/MP.6■■■.90■■Toughened glass front door, door border without holes, small round lock
MW/MP.6■■■.91■■Toughened glass front door, with round hole vented arc door border, small round lock
MW/MP.6■■■.92■■Plate steel door, small round lock
MW/MP.6■■■.93■■Hexagonal reticular high density vented plate door, small round lock
MW/MP.6■■■.94■■Toughened glass front door, with slanted slot door border, small round lock

Remarks: First■denotes depth second & third■■denotes capacity。When fourth & fifth■■is“00” denotes Gray color(RAL7035) “01”denotes Black color(RL9004).


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