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MZH Wall-mounted cabinets MZH Wall-mounted cabinets

♦ IEC60297-3-100
♦ DIN41494:PART1
♦ DIN41494:PART7

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Product Description

♦ Comply with UL ROHS certifications

♦ Double section welded frame structure; Easy operation and maintaining at the back

♦ Top and bottom cover with knock out holes

♦ Removable side panels side door locks optional

♦ Turning angle of front door is above 180 degrees; Turning angle of rear door is above 90 degrees

♦ Good looking Good quality Standard installation dimension

Details of MZH Wall-mounted cabinets Products

MaterialsSPCC cold rolled steel
StructureWelded frame
Thickness of Steel(mm)Mounting profile 1.5mm others 1.0mm
Static loading capacity70 KG
Surface finishDegreasing Silanization Electrostatic spray
LockSmall round lock

Product Specification of MZH Wall-mounted cabinets

Model No.Description
MZH.6■■■.90■■Toughened glass front door door border without holes small round lock
MZH.6■■■.91■■Toughened glass front door with round hole vented arc door border small round lock
MZH.6■■■.92■■Plate steel door small round lock
MZH.6■■■.93■■Hexagonal reticular high density vented plate door small round lock
MZH.6■■■.94■■Toughened glass front door with slanted slot door border small round lock

Remarks: First■denotes depth second & third■■denotes capacity。When fourth & fifth■■is“00” denotes Gray color(RAL7035) “01”denotes Black color(RL9004).


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