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Copper Cable Systems

Leo Network provides you with a one-stop solution for installing copper wiring systems. Customers can choose from cables, trapezoidal jacks, patch cords, panels, installation boxes and Copper LAN Cables according to their needs. Leo Network The cabling system supports small businesses, large enterprises and data centers, allowing you to have a perfect network system!

Main Products:

Patch Panel

Patch Cables

Solid Cable

Our advantage:

▎We have our own designed Cabinets and Cold Aisle Containment Solution, Network cabling solution, which are superior to the national and Industrial standards. All products comply with UL, ROHS, CE.

▎Product temperature range: low temperature -60°C to high temperature +140°C

Wide range of products.

▎It can meet the diverse needs of various customers to the greatest extent. The production mechanism is flexible and can solve the delivery problems of key customers in a short time.

▎Most of the raw materials currently used by the company are high-quality materials in the industry, and the product quality is stable.


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