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All You Need to Know About Copper LAN Cables

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The most typical media for LAN connections is copper, which might surprise you. This is because it is reasonably affordable and dependable, making it a great option for many homes or office networks.

Around 90% of all computers still use some sort of copper wiring to connect their systems, demonstrating the continued popularity of copper LAN cables around the world.

They come in a wide variety of styles and lengths, but they all serve the same fundamental purpose. Copper cable is used to directly link computers to one another. This page will explain what copper LAN cables are, what they are used for, and what types and advantages they have.

What are copper LAN cables?

Devices are linked to a network using copper LAN cables. They are constructed of copper, soft metal with good electrical conductivity.

Copper LAN cables' key benefit is their ability to transmit data at fast speeds over great distances without compromising the integrity or quality of the signal.

Advantages of copper LAN cables

Compared to other types of cabling, copper LAN cables have various benefits. Several of these benefits include:

· They are affordable and simple to install.

· They offer a lot of bandwidth.

· They are adaptable to unfavorable conditions.

· They are adaptable to unfavorable conditions.

· With just one cable, multiple devices can be directly connected.

What are copper LAN cables used for?

Copper LAN cables are used to link PCs to routers and switches in a typical office setting. Copper LAN cables can also be used to connect keyboards, scanners, displays, and other networked devices.

Even accessories with USB ports built into them, such as external hard drives and USB storage devices, can be connected with them.

LAN cable shields each wire portion inside its protective sleeve using a material known as braided shielding tape, preventing interference from electromagnetic fields like radio waves from cell phones.

copper LAN cables

The two main types of copper LAN cable

The two main types of copper LAN cables are Unshielded twisted pair(UTP) cabling and Shielded twisted pair(STP) cabling.

Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling

UTP is the most often utilized form of copper LAN cable over short distances. With UTP, you can use high-speed applications like video streaming and gaming because it has a higher bandwidth than other varieties of copper LAN cable.

To counteract interference from external sources like radio transmissions or power lines, UTP does not offer any shielding. It is vulnerable to interference from your network due to this lack of protection.

Shielded twisted pair(STP) cabling

Older versions of STP use twisted-pair wire rather than coaxial connections like UTPs do. This makes it more difficult to install into existing walls or floors but also allows for greater distance between devices on a network.

Two strands are twisted together to create the electrical signal-carrying medium that is STP. Twisting produces a loose spiral shape that lessens transmission interference between pairs.

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