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Patch Panel: Uses And Advantages

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If any of your information and communication devices work with a large number of cables, you may find it challenging to set up those cables and connect them to the IT device.

But, what if you have something with ports that can help you organize those cables and systematically connect them to your device? I'm sure that will be nice.

That piece of hardware that can help you organize your cables is the Patch panel.

Are you intrigued to know more about the uses and advantages of a patch panel? keep reading this piece as we educate you on everything you need to know about patch panels.

What Is A Patch Panel?

A patch panel can be described as a piece of hardware that helps in organizing and connecting cables to an electronic device by arranging those cables in multiple ports.

The number of ports that come with a patch panel varies based on the size of the patch panel. A patch panel can come with a few ports, or with hundreds of ports.

Patch panels can connect several types of cables including cat5 cables, optic cables, RJ45 cables, and others with an IT device.

 Patch Panel

What Can I Use a Patch Panel To Do?

Patch panels are used in several environments, from telephone company offices and communication closets to data centers.

The main use of a patch panel is to connect cables to IT devices through its multiple ports. Knowing the role played by a patch panel can help you determine whether your electronic devices need it or not.

When you connect a patch panel to your IT device, each port receives a cable and links it with a particular electronic component of your IT device. Thus, the patch panel bundles all network cables together and connects them with a particular network.

Using a patch panel, a Local area network (LAN) can be connected to a Wide area network (WAN) and the internet.

It's common to use patch panels in facilities that have many telephone lines to connect all phones to one main line.

What Are The Advantages of a Patch Panel?

If you own a telecommunication office or a data center, investing in a patch panel is worthwhile due to the various advantages associated with using a patch panel.

Some of the pros of using a patch panel include:

1. Scalability

Once they are installed, Patch panels allow you to easily add new devices to your facility without having to use new end-to-end cables.

2. Reduction of cable clutter

The fact that patch panels are usually situated close to the IT equipment makes them require shorter cables for connection.

A short fiber optic can be used to run a network connection from the patch panel to the internet.

3. Cost-effective

Apart from the fact that Patch panels are affordable, they also reduce the cost of installing end-to-end cables for connecting various telephone lines.

In addition, patch panels work with shorter cables, which are less expensive than longer ones.

4. Maintenance

Using a patch panel that sorts all cables into ports enables you to easily perform maintenance tasks in your telecommunication facility compared to if each device has its cable run to a final destination.

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