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Most Common Uses Of Copper LAN Cables

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Copper LAN cable is primarily a conductor of electricity. The shape of the cable is developed so that in this way it allows the transmission of electrical energy in the most optimal way possible.

For its conductivity, copper is the best ally. Aluminum is also present in many cables, but its efficiency is lower. Hence copper has a higher value.

Keep reading to find out the most common uses of copper LAN cables.

Advantages of copper LAN cables

Among the advantages of copper as recycling material, these are the most important:

i. Copper keeps its properties intact, even when it has been recycled.

ii. It can easily be recycled.

iii. Recycling copper implies less cost and more energetic

iv. Recycling copper also reduces the presence of waste of this material.

Copper residues are pollutants. Therefore, copper recycling not only represents one of the most profitable lines in the sector, but it is also an activity with which we improve the environment and avoid health problems derived from its presence in the natural environment.

Copper LAN cable

Most Common Uses Of Copper LAN Cables

The copper cable is present in our lives in many ways. Today it continues to represent one of the most used materials in any electrical installation.

However, its presence extends to many more common uses. If, in addition, we look at copper itself, without being present in cables, its usefulness is even more noticeable today.

These are some of the most common uses of copper:

i. As a cable for conductivity in electrical installations.

ii. As a conductivity element in traditional energy installations.

iii. It is also increasingly present in renewable energy installations.

iv. As an essential material in telecommunications installations, including fiber optics.

v. In the automotive sector, it is present in various components (radiators, brake systems, bearings).

vi. Vehicle cables are also made of copper.

vii. Electric cars use copper for power conductivity.

viii. Many infrastructure installations, for example, water transport, are made of copper.

ix. Copper has also been present in coins since ancient times.

x. Ships use copper for their hulls because of their corrosion resistance.

xi. Many artists make sculptures from copper

Applications of Copper cables

In general, we can find the copper cable in:

i. In a grounding, where it is part of the system that will conduct the electricity to be released safely on the ground.

ii. In computer and telecommunications equipment, where copper is elemental.

iii. It is used in automotive electrical systems.

iv. With the arrival of renewable energies, copper is the best option to conduct energy.

v. In conventional electrical equipment and household appliances.

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