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Types of Networking Patch Cables

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Patch cables are wires used to connect two electronic devices which are usually in the same network. They are used to transmit signals through hardware devices such as telephones, computer systems and routers.

They transmit audio, video and router signals. Patch cables are built differently from other cables. They usually have connectors at both ends and are more flexible than stiff copper cables.

Types of Networking Patch Cables

There are non-networking and networking patch cables. The most common patch cables are networking patch cables which can be used to link devices within networks.

A common type of networking patch cable is the ethernet cable. Ethernet cables are used to transfer and transmit gigabyte data to devices from intermediaries such as routers. They can also be used to transfer data between two devices.  Some types of networking patch cables include:

1. CAT5/CAT5e ethernet cables

CAT5 cables are a short form for the name ‘category five cables. Due to their affordability and high-performance rates, they remain the most popular choice for Local Area Networks (LAN) connections.

Capable of transmitting several gigabytes at short distances, they have a lower risk of network interruption within confined spaces or smaller areas. Typical CAT5 cables are made with four pairs of copper wire but the fastest ones use only two pairs.

There are two main types of CAT5 cables are the solid and the stranded. The stranded types are better for shorter distances while the solid types work best in office environments or other long-distance situations.

2. CAT6 ethernet cables

Similar and yet different from the CAT5 cabling, these cables are also used in office and home spaces.  CAT6 cables can transmit up to one gigabyte per second.

They are sixth-generation cables that use twisted pair wiring. They allow for connections within a limited range of about 180feet.

They use four pairs of copper wires and make use of all pairs for higher performance. They usually have a ‘CAT6’ printed along their insulation sheath for easy identification

3. Crossover ethernet cables

These kinds of cables are used to connect two networked devices. They are used in situations that require temporary networking usually between two computers.

In a situation where an intermediary network device is absent, a crossover cable can be used. Although they are identical to ordinary patch cables in external looks, their internal wirings are different.

Unlike other ethernet cables, crossover cables are wired to reverse the transmit and receive signals of the connected devices.

A good way to distinguish them is by their red color and the name ‘crossover’ is usually written on the sheath pack.

Are you in need of different types of patch cables?

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