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How To Test Lightning Cable

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Thunderbolt and lightning, very very frightening! With so many companies producing lightning cables these days, it's important to take the time to test your cables to ensure that they are working properly. A faulty or damaged lightning cable can cause your device to charge slowly or not at all. Follow these simple steps to test your lightning cable and make sure it's operating properly.

Step 1: Physically inspect the cable

Check the physical condition of your lightning cable. Look for any cracks, frays, or bent connector pins. If you notice any of these issues, your cable may be faulty and needs to be replaced.

Step 2: Connect the cable to your device

Plug your lightning cable into your device. If it's charging properly, you should see a lightning bolt icon in the battery icon in the top right of your screen.

Step 3: Check for data transfer

If you want to test if your lightning cable can transfer data, connect it to your computer. The device should detect your device and display on the computer screen. If your device does not detect, you can try wiggling the cable or unplugging and re-plugging it. If you're still having issues, the cable might be faulty.

Step 4: Check the charging time

If your device is charging properly, you can check how fast it is charging. You can do this by downloading a free app like Battery Life or Ampere. These apps can tell you how many amps your device is charging at, which can be useful information.

Step 5: Test with a different device

If you have access to another device, you should test your lightning cable with it to make sure that it is working properly with other devices. If the cable works well with other devices, it might mean your original device has a problem.

Step 6: Replace the cable

If your lightning cable is not operating properly, it's time to replace it. Apple authorized resellers sell high-quality lightning cables and some even come with a warranty.

In conclusion, it's important to test your lightning cable regularly and replace any faulty cables to ensure that your device can charge correctly and transfer data efficiently. By following these simple steps, you can make sure that your lightning cable is operating as it should.

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