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Leo Network Annual Meeting Was Successfully Held

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Sales and good customer service are the backbone of any organization, and the professional knowledge and operations of the management team also play a vital role in the growth of any company. Therefore, having a management team that is willing and ready for teamwork is the only way to make the company work in a positive direction.


These facts are that for any correct network cabinets supplier like Leo Network, the management team and all employees of the company are visionary.


In view of the above situation, the company's management believes that the heads of the company's various departments should be convened to gather together, and a dinner was arranged a year ago. At the dinner table, we also held some small games, and everyone had a great time.

 Leo Network Annual Meeting Was Successfully Held

At the annual meeting held on February 01, 2021, the company’s conference hall held a series of events and discussions, all of which are to ensure that the company rises to enviable heights. The focus of the annual meeting agenda is the rigorous analysis and evaluation of the 2020 work summary.


There is no doubt that 2020 is a very unusual year, especially due to the increase in the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had such a huge impact on global business. However, as an organization, we are still grateful because we have not been swallowed by the pandemic.


In addition to reviewing some events and business development methods in the past year, the annual meeting also reviewed the sales plan of the company's sales team.

 Leo Network Annual Meeting Was Successfully Held

The team leader introduced the strategy they have developed to the employees to ensure that the company gets a good response in 2021. Before the closing of the meeting, the management also offered some bonuses and other gifts to employees who showed encouraging and outstanding performance at work. Encourage them to continue to do a good job in 2021.


In this way, it can be expected that other employees in the company will imitate such a high degree of professionalism and dedication to ensure that the company maintains growth and development as the year passes.

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