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What You Should Know about Network Cabinets

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Network cabinets are generally used for the storage of routers, patch panels, switches and a wide variety of networking equipment as well as networking accessories……Networking cabinets will sometimes have glass or a strong plastic front door. Network cabinets also generally do not have perforated enclosures.


In most cases a network cabinet will be far shallower than a server rack cabinet, generally measuring in at less than thirty one inches deep. Networking cabinets will sometimes have glass or a strong plastic front door. Network cabinets also generally do not have perforated enclosures. The type of equipment generally housed in network cabinets does not generate the same amount of heat as that housed inside a server rack.

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Choose the network cabinets accordingly

There are countless different types of network cabinets on the market today, each of which is designed according to different sizes and types of network equipment, depending on the specific requirements of the manager as well as the needs of the business. However, network cabinets can be classified based on the physical size and the number of devices it contains.

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As mentioned, the selection of network cabinets will mainly depend on the actual requirements of the user. Usually the network cabinets have a common width of 600mm, the parameter that you need the most attention is the height and depth of the cabinet.

The height of the network cabinets is calculated in units U (1U = 4.45cm). The sizes to choose from include 42U, 36U, 27U, 20U, 15U, 10U, and the cabinet depth is 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1100mm. In general, the area of a network cabinet will depend on what devices you need to put and how much is in that network cabinet.

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Ensuring safety for network cabinets

Ensuring safety for equipment in the data center in general and for network cabinets in particular is always a factor that needs to be paid attention in any case. There are several methods to help you improve the security of your network cabinets and devices in your data center as follows:

· Note that you should buy all types of cabinets with locks both in front and behind the doors

· Install environmental controls to proactively understand the state of the environment inside the cabinet

· Data center managers should pay close attention to monitoring the amperage on each circuit, temperature, humidity, and other changes inside the cabinet, while recording specific data and making plans. overcome immediately when noticing abnormal signs.

· Install a number of sensors on the cabinet door, which helps identify and can alert managers when a cabinet door is opened or not closed properly.

· Pay special attention to fire prevention and fighting in data centers.

Ensuring safety for network cabinets

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